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studio environment

Studio Environment

Is it a problem if my child has never danced?

Not at all!  We love new dancers!  Our classes are designed for dancers of all abilities.  We group children by age (not grade in school!!) and constantly monitor every child’s progress.  There is no doubt that your new dancer will feel comfortable in our classes.

What if my child does not like dance class?

If your child is unhappy in our dance class, we hope you will speak with us about any issues your dancer is having so that we can try to remedy the situation.  Your child’s comfort level, contentment, and progress are our highest priorities.

And such is true with life itself, we all can’t like everything.  You may have a track star on your hands…not a dancer!  You may have a creative writer….not a performer!  We understand.  Should you wish to discontinue dance lessons at our studio, just talk to us about making a smooth transition out to ensure your account is properly reconciled and closed.

Center Stage Dance offers a money-back guarantee to students under age 5.

We understand that children under age 5 are still developing their personalities, emotions, and physical ability.

We encourage you to allow your child to come to dance class for two (2) full months before withdrawing him or her, because it sometimes takes a while to get small children accustomed to coming to class, feeling comfortable with the teacher, and adapting to the environment.

If after two (2) full months, your child under age 5 does not want to return to dance class, we will REFUND one (1) month’s dance tuition to you. We want your child to be happy and involved in the best possible extracurricular activity (even if it isn’t dance) more than we want to take your money.

How do I know if I’m getting a good dance teacher?

The interesting thing to remember when evaluating a dance teacher is that he or she does not necessarily have to be an excellent dancer, but he or she must be an excellent TEACHER.

A good teacher will speak with conviction and control the class, be knowledgeable about dance and music theory, be encouraging and motivating, and will TEACH your child new things in a fun way!

There are many people who are very good at what they do but are not particularly good at teaching others.  A good dance teacher will be able to demonstrate a wealth of knowledge while moving your child to another new level successfully over time.

A good teacher will inspire your child to improved self-awareness and self-confidence.  And a good teacher will not waste your time with busywork that does not serve to make your child a better dancer.

Never miss a chance to dance!