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 Use of Proper Equipment

What does my child need to wear to class?

Center Stage Dance holds high expectations for its students, which includes an elevated level of discipline and decorum.  Dancers are required to wear proper attire to every class and be responsible for his or her shoes.

All dance shoes must be purchased from the studio.  CSD offers a full line of leotards and tights, dance shoes, and accessories in all sizes and at all times for sale in the studio shop to both its dancers and the public.

Hair must be up and out of the face.  Elective classes provide for their own set of dress code requirements, and students are made aware of those upon enrollment.

Center Stage Dance Dress Code

  • leotards (black only)
  • Tights (pink, white, black, suntan)
  • Ballet Slippers
  • Tap Shoes
  • Jazz Shoes
  • Boys – black pants, white t-shirt or tank
  • Boys – dance belt (as required)
  • Hair out of eyes (this means boys, too)
  • Hair pulled back
  • Ponytails or buns
  • French braids or twists
  • Headbands
  • Stud earrings
  • Dance skirts or shorts
  • Fitted dance sweater
  • Leg warmers or socks

  • Tutus (absolutely no tutus in class)
  • Sequins or sparkles (on leotards, tights, shoes, etc.)
  • Noisy accessories
  • Jingle taps
  • Dangling or gaudy jewelry of any kind
  • No panties under leotards
  • No bare legs (must wear tights)
  • No bare midriffs
  • No sagging pants
  • No shirts/clothing over leos and tights in class
  • Stuffed animals, blankets, or pacifiers

Because Center Stage Dance is committed to this level of discipline and decorum, dancers who come to class without the proper attire will be counseled first and subsequently not allowed to participate in class without the proper attire.

Policies concerning dress code and other studio requirements are covered in the Student Handbook, which is provided both in hardcopy and available online to all registered students. Students MUST ensure that their names are written into the lining of all clothing, shoes, props, and accessories.  If the item comes into the dance studio, it MUST have the child’s name on it.

What kind of floor do you have in the studio?

The dance floor in both studios at Center Stage Dance is a professional-grade, vinyl flooring made especially to meet the demands of all dance styles offered at CSD.  It is installed on a heavy duty raised subfloor.

We DO NOT dance on bare concrete (or similar hard surfaces such as vinyl “plank” or engineered wood glued directly to concrete, for example) as this is not only a safety hazard but also ultimately bad for dancers’ feet, knees, and hips.  The floor on which your dancer will practice was chosen with dancers in mind.  We contend that it is not only safe, but it also enhances the sound of taps, stomps, and other dance rhythms.

The floor is professionally deep cleaned at least twice per week and otherwise maintained by studio staff everyday.  Only dance shoes and other approved shoes may be worn on the dance floor.  No street shoes may be worn on the dance floor.

What tuition and fees can I expect?

Monthly tuition is collected on or about the first of every month via our automated payment system.  Tuition is calculated based on the projected cost of a full season of dance, then divided over an eight month period (October – May).  There are no refunds or partial charges for absences or holidays.  Tuition covers not only class instruction time but also the costs to administer a fun, engaging dance program, studio expenses, salaries and wages, insurance, and music licensure.

Parents have access to a Parent Portal on which to monitor account activity, make payments, and stay informed.  Center Stage Dance takes pride in transparency, accurate accounting, and no hidden costs.  As parents too, we understand family money management and are committed to making dance a cost-effective activity for your family.  Our tuition and fees are within fair market range and communicated clearly prior to enrollment.

We begin to prepare for the recital performances months in advance!  Students are measured for costumes, costumes are ordered, props are made, sets are built, and routines are finalized.  Other than ensuring your child comes to class regularly, we try to make recital time “hassle free” for parents.

During the year, we collect Performance Fees in installments.  Performance Fees cover all costumes, accessories, any props, your share of production and venue costs, and more.  We bundle all performance costs in one convenient fee, explain the fee clearly, and arrange installments well in advance.  Other than the cost of shoes and dance wear and monthly tuition, the Performance Fee is the only other mandatory cost to expect.

Other fees that are purely optional include those associated with optional participation in fun “extra” classes or events throughout the year, quantity of tickets purchased, program ads, photos, flowers, and charitable contributions, to name a few.  Center Stage Dance DOES NOT require families to fund raise.

Center Stage Dance works hard to add value throughout the season to ensure families get LOTS for their money.  Students love holiday events, particularly our Christmas Open House, which are completely FREE.  CSD gives fun incentives, neat treats, and even little gifts to students at no extra cost to parents.  And the studio hosts FREE events for families, too, including Parent Appreciation Week, Grandparents Week, and Parent Watch Week.


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