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Use of Proper Equipment

What does my child need to wear to class?

Center Stage Dance holds high expectations for its students, which includes an elevated level of discipline and decorum.  Dancers are required to wear proper attire to every class and be responsible for his or her shoes and props.

Center Stage Dance Dress Code

  • leotards (BLACK only!!)
  • (Dancers) Tights (PINK , WHITE or BLACK only!!)
  • Ballet Slippers
  • Tap Shoes
  • Jazz Shoes
  • Hair out of eyes (this means boys, too)
  • (Dancers) Hair pulled back out of eyes but long
  • Ponytails or buns
  • Headbands
  • Modest jewelry and/or earrings

  • Tutus (absolutely no tutus in class)
  • Sequins or sparkles (on leotards, tights, shoes, etc.)
  • Noisy accessories
  • Jingle taps
  • Dangling or gaudy jewelry of any kind
  • No panties under leotards
  • No bare legs (must wear tights)
  • No cropped shirts, cut-out clothing or bare midriffs
  • No sagging pants


Because Center Stage Dance is committed to this level of discipline and decorum, dancers who come to class without the proper attire will be counseled first and subsequently not allowed to participate in class without the proper attire.

Policies concerning dress code and other studio requirements are covered in the Student Handbook, which is provided both in hardcopy and available online to all registered students. Students MUST ensure that their names are written into the lining of all clothing, shoes, props, and accessories.  If the item comes into the dance studio, it MUST have the child’s name on it.

What kind of floor do you have in the studio?

The floor at Center Stage Dance is a wood-laminate floor appropriate for dance.

We DO NOT dance on bare concrete (or similar hard surfaces such as vinyl “plank” glued directly to concrete, for example) as this is not only a safety hazard but also ultimately bad for dancers’ feet, knees and hips.  The floor on which your dancer will practice was chosen with dancers in mind.  We contend that it is not only safe, but it also enhances the sound of taps, stomps, and other dance rhythms.

Only dance shoes and other approved shoes may be worn on the dance floor.

What are the extras required at recital time?

We begin to prepare for the recital production months in advance!  Students are measured for costumes, costumes are ordered, props are made, sets are built, and routines are finalized.  Other than ensuring your child comes to class regularly, we try to make recital time “hassle free” for parents.

During the year, we will begin to collect a deposit on costumes.  The final balance on costumescostumes and the recital fee will be collected at a later time.  That way, you are not forced to hand over a lump sum of money at once.  Parents will be given adequate notice about upcoming monies due and also given plenty of time to pay.

Also, it is important you know that we are cost conscious when it comes to recital preparation.  We will choose tasteful, age appropriate, cost effective costumes, accessories and/or props for your child.  As parents too, we understand family money management and are committed to making dance a cost-efficient activity for your family.


Never miss a chance to dance!